More sweat, less waste.

Caur is a sustainable athleisure line that respects life in all its forms.
We are a community of people who are choosing progress over perfection: take small steps every day to achieve our environmental and sports goals.

Six core values get us there:


Run, lift, climb, jump, dance, do a handstand, or Adho mukha svanasana; we choose premium technicals fabrics to help you get the best results in your physical activities and feel good about yourself.


100 % Materials and components are recycled or organic to lower the impact on the environment and to limit our use of virgin natural resources. Waste, water, and energy are all reduced.


The goal is not to erase gender, but to reduce the impact of gender stereotypes that accompany gender labels.

Ethical production

We work with European eco-certified factories to guarantee the biological composition of the products and respect for environmental and social standards.


Representation of diverse skin tones, body types, ages, abilities, identities matters, we all have bodies after all.

Circular economy

We are using waste to create athletic clothing that is also recyclable, keeping resources in use for as long as possible, and foreseeing the end life of the garment.

Sport. People. Planet.

Hi there, I’m Romain, founder and creative director of Caur.
Sport has an essential role in my life: it makes me feel better - with more energy, a better mood, feel more relaxed, and sleep better.

Since I was a kid, designing clothes is my creative way to express myself and translate what I see, discover, and feel.
A few years ago, during diving trips, I had witnessed the damaging impact of plastic pollution in the oceans. I started to educate myself and soon realized the irresponsible environmental footprint of the fashion industry.

I’m passionate about creating performance clothing produced respectfully and ethically, making you feel good while doing good.