We are a gender-neutral athleisure brand designed in Paris and produced in Portugal.

All our fabrics and components are recycled or organic, with performance end-use in mind. We work with eco-certified factories to guarantee the biological composition of the products and respect for environmental and social standards. Our technical materials do not involve harmful chemicals in the treatment process. Our cotton is certified organic. Our synthetic materials are recycled. Waste, water, and energy are all reduced.

We believe in beautiful, comfortable design and responsible production, foreseeing our impact and keeping resources in use for as long as possible. We create well-made gender-neutral pieces that will stand the test of time and trend.


Meet Romain, founder and creative director of CAUR

“CAUR is the result of all my past experiences and my faith in a better tomorrow.
Born in the early 80s, I grew up mainly in Paris, and lived in London and Montreal. My passion for fashion started early, as one of my grandmothers was a couturière. I used to spend hours in her atelier draping, cutting and creating outfits. I graduated from an arts school first, and then from a fashion school in Paris, where I developed my eye for mixing references and styling.
During my career I worked for various fashion brands in Paris and NY, all of which taught me different aspects of this industry. Overall, designing clothes is my own creative way to express myself and translate what I see, discover and feel.
During trips to remote places my diving practice made me see the damaging impact of plastic pollution in the oceans. I started to educate myself and soon realized the irresponsible environmental footprint of the fashion industry.
As a designer who is both creative & responsible, it is an exciting challenge for me to create garments that are produced in a respectful and ethical way for the environment and workers. Until recently, making clothes solely focused on the beauty of a garment, and working toward a sustainable answer could have been overwhelming. At CAUR, it is our common goal to always find new ways to be responsible. There are more solutions than problems when we all work together.
The goal of CAUR is simple: you can take care of yourself and the planet, while working out, clubbing, or chilling." 

sport. people. planet.