Where is the collection made?
Every item is made in Portugal, and fabrics come from Italy and Portugal.

How do you choose your fabrics?
Our choice of materials is based on four main criteria: environmental impact, longevity, price, and quality of hand feel. These aspects are taken into consideration at every stage of the production process. At CAUR, we presently have five materials: one organic-certified cotton and four recycled synthetic fabrics. Our focus is to create new products by using existing waste. Every day, we refine our selection process by choosing materials with the least harmful impact on the environment.

How do you set your prices?
Our aim is to produce high-quality garments at fair prices. We do not rely on intermediaries or distributors, which allows us to set the best prices while rewarding the savoir-faire of our factories.

Is the production Fair Trade?
We want to be as transparent as possible, so we are happy to share our suppliers certifications with you, which you can read about here.